Biomarker landscape

The cardiovascular biomarker landscape is rapidly changing from mono marker assays to multimarker panels. The discovery of microRNAs as a new class of circulating biomarkers and the introduction of game-changing technology platforms allow full cardiovascular risk profiling by simultaneously measuring a combined miRNA and protein multi-marker panel.

Measuring circulating markers such as the natriuretic peptides has substantially improved diagnosis and risk prediction in heart failure. Although individual markers can have great clinical value, it is ACS Biomarkers view that multimarker tests incorporating panels of novel miRNAs can spur better understanding of heart failure subtypes and lead to improved individual risk assessment and more stratified therapies. 


In ACS Biomarkers view only the strongest and most cost-effective biomarker panels will reach the clinic. Chances are small that a clinically meaningful multimarker panel can be developed solely based on the proprietary markers of just one party. Mirnext therefore established collaborations with international private and public partners to jointly develop, validate and commercialize multiple cardiovascular tests. 

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