ACS Biomarker is a biomedical company active in the field of cardiovascular risk assessment. The company specializes in the discovery, validation and commercializatation of miRNAs as biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases and develops the first multi-marker test combining the predictive and diagnostic power of established protein markers and novel miRNAs. If you consider Mirnext a potential investment opportunity, please contact us at 

Life Sciences Fund Amsterdam

The Life Sciences Fund Amsterdam is an independent venture capital fund aiming to capitalize on new technological developments in the life sciences sector. It provides investment capital to fund high tech entrepreneurial activity in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in general and at the academic medical centres in particular. 
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Maastricht UMC Holding
Maastricht UMC-Holding was created especially for innovative companies in the fields of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.
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Limburg Ventures

Limburg Ventures B.V. is an active regional venture capital investor in materials and life sciences in the south of The Netherlands. We have a strong focus on value enhancement of our portfolio companies by using our network and the network of our founders, DSM Nederland and regional development agency LIOF.
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AMC Ventures Holding BV

AMC Ventures Holding B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of the Academic Medical Center. It facilitates top researchers from the AMC in their attempts to set up companies based on their scientific findings in the area of medical Research & Development or production arising from this. At the same time, with its activities, AMC Ventures Holding B.V. implements the AMC’s valorisation policy. Scientific knowledge is utilised in practice, for example by means of the development of a product or medicine, or through its application in a system or process.
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