Market potential

The annual global market for the brain natriuretic peptide assays (BNP, NT-proBNP) assays is the fastest growing segment of the cardiac biomarker market. Sales reached the $1 billion figure in 2013 and are further projected to reach close to $2 billion in 2017. A novel cost-effective multi-marker IVD test showing improved sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis and prognosis of heart failure has a major opportunity to capture a substantial part of the cardiac biomarker market. 


Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have overtaken communicable diseases as the world's major disease burden, with CVD remaining the leading global cause of death, accounting for 17.3 million deaths per year, a number that is expected to grow to >23.6 million by 2030. The cardiovascular disease with the highest growth rate is heart failure (HF). As the life of cardiac patients is prolonged by modern therapy, the prevalence of HF is expected to increase, while morbidity and mortality rates remain high. Over the last decades, HF has grown to pandemic proportions. There are currently 6.5 million HF patients in Europe, 5 million in the US and 23 million worldwide. HF is already the single most frequent cause of hospitalisation in elderly and its societal costs are enormous. 


ACS Biomarker is developing an actionable and cost-effective multi-marker test to successfully enter this rapidly growing biomarket segment.

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