Multi-marker assay

Novel disruptive biomarker detection platforms allow simultaneous and cost-effective measurement of extensive biomarker panels consisting of multiple classical protein markers and a large number of miRNAs. ACS Biomarker together with a technology partner develops the first multi-marker test for HF combining best of both worlds. The new test contains multiple established HF protein markers and a series of novel miRNAs adding significant diagnostic and prognostic accuracy.


Heart failure is characterized by a large variation in the severity and prognosis of the disease. It ranges from mild disease that is relatively easily managed with classical therapy to advanced illness requiring intensive therapy. 


The clinical effectiveness of the current generation of heart failure protein biomarkers is limited by the need to repeatedly measure multiple individual markers in order to generate a full risk profile of a HF patient. In general, each mono-marker assay yields information that is predominantly diagnostic or prognostic and only reflects one single part of the complex disease mechanisms underlying heart failure. 


The patient entering the hospital with symptoms of acute heart failure will benefit from a new protein/miRNA combined multimarker assay that quickly probes the many underlying disease pathways. The new test will create more (cost)effective diagnostic routines, improve cardiovascular risk profiling and guide the clinician in treatment decisions. 




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